Monday, 30 June 2014

Never Seen a Cow then Married a Farmer!

It is difficult enough feeding a family but how do you feed a whole country? We visited Chatsworth House.
There was a young lady dressed in the costume of a girl from the Women's Land Army. She was telling visitors all about it when along came an old lady in her 90s who was visiting. She told her off for wearing the wrong colour shirt! Then, seeing she had quite an audience, she took over and told us all about her life in the land army.  The young lady in her land army costume could only stand and watch!

She told us that she originally came from London and had never seen a cow before she joined the Women's Land Army!  She was expected to know how to milk lots of them!  "Did you like it? "asked someone in the crowd  .
"I think I must have done, "she said, "For I married a farmer and carried on farming for fifty years!"

She told how they often had to work until 10 o'clock at night during the summer and were paid 18/- a week. She remembered exactly how much tax she used to pay out of that as well.  What a great personality she had!

Feeding the people of Britain during the War was difficult with so many men being away in the armed forces or working on front line services.    Look closely at the bottom of the  War Time Garden in the above picture and you will see an Anderson air raid shelter.

This was the type many people had in their gardens. At Chatsworth house in Derbyshire they had this wonderful World War ll garden which showed a typical domestic garden and the type of vegetables grown by the people of Britain during the Dig for Britain Campaign. Well worth a visit.


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Susan Blakey said...

So interesting! Wish I could have been there at the same time as you. I don't think that will happen again.

Glenda Gee said...

I don't suppose it will, Susan. She was wonderful!

Clairejustine oxox said...

We live about a hours drive away from here. I would love to visit :) can't wait to go now...

Thanks for sharing over at the weekend blog hop,,,

pixiedusk said...

What an amazing story and nice that you were there too! Its so nice to hear stories like this =) #countrykids

Susan Mann said...

What a lovely story and really interesting. x